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BlueLine Family Bullies

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Breeding nothing but the best of the best from the blueline family bloodline...





     Officially Branded "Royal Platinum Blueline" of Southern California, founded by Jimmy Wallis, a certified member of the Blueline Family. The original connection that led to this dynasty was made through the purchase of Blueline's Ghost Rider, son of the legendary Jalisco Style and half brother to the famous MC Hammer. With the deal struck between long time, reputable XL Bully breeder Eddie Lomeli and Jimmy Wallis, Mr. Wallis made the transition from entrepreneur to professional and assumed the title "Blueline Wallis". 


By carefully selecting his pack , Mr. Blueline Wallis established a great foundation for his kennel and consistently maintained and preserved the traditional pit bull look through the Blueline Bloodline. With the addition of two more direct Jalisco sons, Blueline's Overdose & Jalisco Jr., Mr. Wallis was in the perfect position to gain world wide recognition for producing some of the best quality, pure breed Blueline Bullies. Most importantly Blueline Wallis has ultimate respect for the bloodline's original foundation, and is further proof of RPB Kennels ever-growing commitment of keeping the legend of Jalisco alive.

Royal Platinum Blueline's Mission is to provide top quality Blueline Bullies with strength, endurance, intelligence, and personalities to fit your individual needs, weather a family pet, show dog, or #1 companion. 




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*Disclamer - Royal Platinum Blueline does not promote nor endorse dog fighting
and does not affiliate itself with any associated bloodlines.
RPB Bullies are bred from a championship pedigree, have mild temperments,
and are solely for show and family pets.




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